Manu Berger and the sustentability at Hyatt Paris Madeleine

Ilustração: Flávia Fernandes de Oliveira

Draw by: Flávia Fernandes de Oliveira

Several global projects have shown that sustainability has become a feature of premium products. Manu Berger experienced this new trend when she visited the Hotel Hyatt Paris Madeleine during her last trip to Paris. For her, “was amazing to realize that the refinement of accommodation shares space with a sincere concern for the planet. It is the luxury highlighting the importance of the environment, “she said.

Through a project called “The Beehive” [The Beehive], Hyatt Paris Madeleine installed on the 7th floor of the building hives with live bees, to raise awareness about the vital role of bees in the ecosystem. One of the attractions is the production of natural honey, held within the hotel. “It’s impossible to visit the Hyatt Paris Madeleine without tasting the locally produced honey and understand why the bees are in danger. Children are still offered a special treat: a mascot Maddie from the project, a lovely plush bee, “she says.

For Manu, she discovered a playful and creative way that luxury and sustainability are inseparable partners. “Altogether there are more than 60,000 bees housed in hives. Besides taking care of the environment, the hotel also provides a unique experience and unusual guests, “she added.