More style on Brazilian roads


Released officially during the Milan Motor Show last year, the HP4 RACE bike was considered one of the most incredible models ever produced by BMW.

With state-of-the-art technology, use of carbon fiber in most of its structure and electronic control and assistance systems, exclusivity is another feature of the model, since its production was limited to only 750 units.

For Brazilians who enjoy luxury and speed on four wheels, the good news is that recently the brand has confirmed that the model will also be sold in Brazil. In Europe, HP4 RACE is being sold at a cost of 80 thousand euros, but the value for the national market has not yet been disclosed.


Among the innovations that the bike presents are the increase in maximum engine speed from 14,200 rpm to 14,500 rpm. It even has a six-speed gearbox and comes with an extensive package of electronic control and assistance systems.

If it depends on the passion of the Brazilians for the emotions and experiences in two wheels, certainly, soon we will see more this luxurious model circulating in the roads of the country.