Luxury real estate market in Florida attracts Brazilian investors

Economic instability in Brazil often makes it difficult to identify good investment opportunities. One such alternative has been the North American real estate market, especially that of Florida. According to the broker and specialist in the subject, Pablo Farias, the real estate market of Central Florida presents a good valuation perspective. “While in Brazil and elsewhere in the world, we live economic, social and political uncertainties, the United States enters into history in a positive way, hitting record employment and growth,” he points out.

For investors from other countries that buy real estate in Florida, we have Canadians at the top of the list, along with Brazilians. “In addition to the quality of life and the climate, the price of houses and apartments plays a fundamental role in this scenario. For example, in the largest metropolis in Brazil, a used two-bedroom property revolves around R $ 550 thousand to R $ 600 In Florida, it is possible to find three-bedroom apartments, well-located as well as family-friendly investment opportunities, starting at US $ 160,000, “says the expert.

At the top of the page and above examples of a residence attracting investors’ attention to the Florida real estate market

An example of an investor who knew how to take advantage of the opportunities and has experienced a full appreciation of his investment was the businessman from São Paulo, Daniel Cenatti, 39 years old. “I believe it’s a little more than 230m of built area, a property similar to that in Brazil would cost about R $ 2 million. Before acquiring the property, Daniel researched to know which regions are valued. “Windermere appeared in our surveys, just like Winter Garden which was where we really decided to buy our house,” says the entrepreneur.

The businessman points out that the experience was so positive, that his mother also decided to buy a house in the back street and in the same condominium. “The ease and clarity of the buying process was great. After all, we bought a home outside of Brazil and we had no idea how this complex process is going,” says Daniel.