Luxury hotel segment invests in training professionals

Professional training has become an indispensable tool for organizations wishing to succeed in the high standard segment. It is only through training of management and operational teams that it is possible to raise service standards and offer customers the answer to their demands.

The Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies of São Paulo, in partnership with Resorts Brasil, showed that it is up to date with this new market agenda. training travel agents to sell luxury developments.

The training provided unique insight into industry news and innovations in topics such as structure, cuisine, entertainment and guest experiences. Among the developments presented to agents are some of the most important highlights of the Brazilian luxury hotel industry: Buzios Beach Resort, Cana Brava, Casa Grande Hotel, Iberostar Hotels and Resorts, Jatiuca Hotel and Resort, Malai Manso, Mavsa Resort, Pratagy Beach, Summerville Beach Resort, Grand Araxá Thermal Hotel, Tivoli Ecoresort, Transamerica Comandatuba Resort, Swiss Valley and Wish Foz do Iguaçu.

According to Edmilson Romão, president of Abav-SP, the event “provided knowledge for professionals to promote with greater quality the offerings of their services and products. The resort market is a good opportunity for marketing and should be very well explored. ”