Luxury brands continue betting on the Brazilian market warming

The Brazilian economic scenario and the luxury market in particular have experienced periods of high growth in the recent past. However, the political and economic instability that has established itself in the country in recent years has contributed to the fall in development rates in virtually all market niches.

Earlier this year, some major brands linked to the high standard universe announced the closure of their activities in Brazilian territory. The moment that seemed to be resuming, mainly due to the new political administration of the country, at first sight does not seem to motivate companies to stay in the country.

However, in a cyclical market, a number of luxury brands have been showing confidence in Brazil’s rising sales and are investing to expand their business. This is the case of Guerlain, which already has a total of 28 operations in operation and, according to information disclosed, intends to reach 40 stores by the end of next year.

The French brand, which is less than a decade from completing two centuries of activity, has long been present in the national market only through Sephora. Note that the two belong to the luxury conglomerate LVMH, considered the most important organization in the sector in the world.

As Jean David, Guerlain’s Vice President for Latin America, revealed, “As Sephora is a benchmark in these sales, we knew we needed to consolidate well in the store before we could start new business.”

Among the brand’s strategies is the investment in new points of sale, such as the opening of stores in the country’s airports. If, for some brands, China has established itself as the main focus today, it is important to highlight and celebrate actions such as Guerlain that contribute to increase Brazil’s position in the world luxury market ranking.