Luxurious Ingredient


Cooking has definitely become a hobby for many people. The fun begins with the careful choice of ingredients and then just put your hand in the dough and to accompany it, a wine is always a great option.

But, the drink can also give that special touch to the dishes. Chefs Andrea Hunka, Fred Barroso and Wagner Barbosa, teach, some tricks to ensure the success of this perfect alchemy in the special compilation below.

Can I buy any wine, since it’s for cooking?

A good quality wine is vital to yield excellent preparation. So here lies the myth of values. Of course, you do not have to buy a very expensive and ultra-premium wine in the rankings. Such drinks should be appreciated as the costumes: in a beautiful cup and at a special moment. And the rule is “cook with a wine you would drink”. Very cheap wines can have very high acidity, which will camouflage the subtler flavors of a recipe.

I decided on my wine. And now, how to get him to the pot?

There are three ways to cook with such a drink. And you can start even before the preparation goes to the fire. In the pre-preparation phase, there is the marinade: technique in which food is left, usually meats, immersed in acidic medium. That is, it is nothing more than tempering. What changes is that it is necessary to follow a formula that starts with the obligation to have an acid item – it can be vinegar, lemon or it, wine. You still need to have the aromatic components, such as herbs, spices and spices.

Is the wine going to the pot?

Yes. This is the second option: it is a culinary item and goes very well in the pan in several types of dishes. But with attention to the cooking time, since it is necessary to let the alcohol evaporate, which requires a little time and patience. Otherwise, it will not fulfill its function of enhancing the food.

How much wine should I use in a recipe?

Use with caution. He is a great ally to bring flavor and scent, but if you do not have moderation in the dose, it can destroy the recipe. Try to analyze and stay between a shot and a glass. Except when the recipe itself calls for larger quantities, case of boeuf bourguignon, classic French cuisine, which has such a drink as one of the main ingredients and a base recipe that takes 1 bottle. And, again, the reinforcement: give it time, take parsimony and let it act in the recipe.

Is it okay to use it in any pot?

Never cook with wine in aluminum, copper or iron pan. Such materials may react with the acid in the wine and bring more acidity to the preparation. Prefer the stainless steel ones. And remember that once opened, the wine lasts only two weeks. Always in the refrigerator and properly capped with the stopper.