Modernist luxury


Located in the paradisiacal beach Tambaú, Tropical Hotel Tambaú has just been elected by the renowned magazine Designboom of the eight examples of Brazilian modernist architecture. The electronic vehicle has headquarters in Milan, Beijing and New York and reaches a global reach of more than four million readers and 450,000 subscribers newsletter. Founded in 1999, the Designboom is one of the most popular digital world vehicle design.

The recognition could not have come at a more appropriate time, as the hotel complete 45 years of history on the 11th of September. The architectural design was created by artist Sergio Bernardes, a reference in the national architecture. In circular shape, the hotel offers exclusive accommodation with panoramic views either to the sea or the lovely indoor gardens.


“Since its opening, the Tropical Tambaú has become an important tool of João Pessoa disclosure as a tourist destination attracting many domestic and international tourists,” says Fernando Souza, manager of Tropical Hotel Tambaú.

The hotel structure has games room, hammock room, tennis courts, beach volleyball court, restaurants, bars and a convention center with capacity for up to 1700 people.


Tropical Hotel Tambaú proves that modernism can also be very luxurious.