Morning luxury


The latest research in the field of nutrition science concludes with more and more certainty something that our grandmothers and mothers already knew (and said) a long time ago: that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, therefore, the awakening is the time when the body most needs a healthy and balanced diet to meet the challenges of everyday life.

However, while on the one hand the studies show the high value of breakfast to start the day with health, on the other, more and more people, especially children and adolescents, are getting the erroneous habit of not feeding properly in the morning, arriving in many cases, to completely skip this meal, neglecting it altogether. Among the more routine excuses, the lack of time is number one.

But, what does a breakfast rich in nutrients, vitamins and everything else that the body needs to start the day with the high-end segment? The answer can be given in two words: a lot.

Today, luxury is going through a real conceptual revolution. The transition from ostentatious luxury to intimacy is noticeable. And in this scenario, the exhibitionism loses space and gains the sensoriality. In Giles Lipvetsky’s words, “what we see today is the attraction for the luxury of the senses, the pleasure and sensibility felt in the intimacy of each individual, not the exterior luxury of display and opulence, which simply aims to show status.”

In this new reality, the use of time and the maximization of quality of life have become inseparable attributes of contemporary luxury, and personal experiences, such as enjoying a tasty and healthy breakfast, gain importance.

As with all premium universe experiences, breakfast should also gain refinement and sophistication. And this does not only concern the value of the products to be consumed. Enjoying a balanced breakfast, next to the family or the loved one, having fresh and healthy food is an experience that should be experienced routinely and not only when visiting a hotel.

There is no magic or miracle recipe for a healthy and nutritious breakfast, but it is worth following a mandatory rule of the world of luxury: it has to give pleasure. If there is any fruit or protein that you do not like, replace it with another one without problem. Brazil is an extremely rich country in food options, so there are plenty of alternatives to have fun at the table. Carbohydrates should also be consumed as long as in moderation.

Do not be afraid to risk it. On trips, discover flavors hidden on the large breakfast tables. It is enchanted with the tapioca and the common rennet cheese in the Brazilian northeast; savor the delicious Argentinian croissants; let yourself be carried away by the unique taste of the famous Moroccan flatbreads and, in the United States, indulge in the pleasures of scrambled eggs, bacon and toast.

It is worth remembering that exaggerations should be avoided. Moderation is the watchword at every meal. A balanced diet is still the best way to a good quality of life. So sit down at the table and be happy – there is no luxury greater than happiness.

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