High tech luxury


In the 1960s, the “Agent 86” series was one of the biggest hits on television worldwide. The blend of comedy slapstick with the classic spy movies still today is a benchmark for those who enjoy fun without appeal. One of the high points of the series was the moment when Maxwell Smart, always very well aligned in impeccable and fun suits, used his shoe as a telephone. The idea was haunting for the time: a mobile device that answered calls anywhere. Time passed, and what was fiction became reality. With less grace, of course.

Adapting this story to the premium universe, if for some years the union of technology with luxury accessories existed only in the imagination of the most creative designers, nowadays this trend is an irrefutable reality whose capacity to surprise seems to be far from its end.

A good example of this is the evolution of smart clothes. If, at first glance, the pieces can be confused with traditional clothing, the technology involved in its design allows the reading of biological and physiological information. This data feeds application databases that aid in the development of appropriate sports for each person.

Some of the largest and most traditional luxury brands have already incorporated the technology in much of their products. To cite just one example, a few years ago Chanel has exclusively launched a special set of headphones. In addition to allowing you to play music as faithfully as possible, the device is adorned with the iconic Chanel logo and has a carry case with fine metal finish.

From aircraft, which make it possible to travel in true suites with all the comforts of a five star hotel, to the cosmetic industry, whose products unite health, beauty and sophistication, all sectors benefit from modernity. But it is up to the communications and audiovisual articles segment to unite more consistently luxury and technology. The consecutive cell phone launches that combine the latest technology with a unique style and the full integration of environments such as home-theaters that enable the creation of true home theaters, with the most advanced sound and image resources, make this Area a territory in which creativity and good taste have no limits.

In the future, it is possible to systematically use footwear as a telephone. But for the time being, it’s best to only happen in the fun world.