Luxury and technology for the future

Sustainability has become one of the most visible issues within the current luxury sector and, more and more frequently, Luxury Therapy highlights in its subjects innovations that aim to make products and services more sustainable and in tune with the new requirements.

This time, the highlight goes to Lamborghini who presented his 100% electric model that should reach the market in 2020. Named after Terzo Millenio, the vehicle will receive the final adjustments until 2019 to be officially made available by the following year. The Italian brand wants to really bring great innovations to the public, as the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has been invited to contribute to the project.

Energy, innovation in materials, power, design and sound system are some of the aspects that have gained special attention in the model. And, of course, the technology, which will be present through small nano-diffusers that, in addition to acting in the load system, also influence the design. The automobiles of the future, soon, will come true.