Luxury and style shared


Ducati is a reference in the world of motorcycling. Its high-performance models, pulsating engines and great comfort are all on the wish list for motorcycle enthusiasts around the world.

The brand once again shows its pioneering spirit by becoming the first major motorcycle manufacturer to join the shared economic trend. The idea is to enable access to luxury and high value goods through sharing at the time of purchase.

Although in Brazil the number of companies that are adopting the system for the commercialization of the most diverse products and services is increasing, it is possible to affirm that in the country this new modality of economy is still in the early stages of development.

Who will manage the new sales modality for Ducati is Class1One. Among the main actions of the administrator is the control and scheduling of the chosen model with all the owners, allowing a harmony in the shared use.

According to the president of Class1One, Jorge Muzy, the company will “operate in major cities on four continents, providing an exclusive service to the most demanding customers. We have a collection of unique assets to share among a few families or companies. Assets are carefully selected, benchmarks in the luxury market. “

Sustainability is undoubtedly one of the most important concepts today, and for this reason, sharing goods can be as exciting as a motorcycle ride through a breathtaking landscape.