Luxury and sportiness on four wheels


Differentiated design, modern electronic platform and an unprecedented system of semi-autonomous assistance to the driver. These are some of the features of the new generation of the Audi A5 Sportback 2.0 TFSI quattro, uniquely presented during the inauguration of the Audi headquarters in the capital of Santa Catarina, last Wednesday, June 28.

The store was the place chosen for the first brand dealer in Brazil to present the second generation of one of the most coveted models of the brand. The sports coupé was presented first hand to the guests of the event by the president of Audi do Brasil, Johannes Roscheck.


 “It’s a brand new car. The Audi A5 Sportback is semi-autonomous, being able to ride alone up to 65 km / h in a congested situation or follow behind another car, braking or accelerating if it is autonomously when needed, “said Roscheck. In addition to the autonomy of this system, the vehicle has intelligent sensors and alerts, which increase safety in the vehicle and ensure the comfort of the pilot and passengers.

Ênio Sardagna, head of the state’s Audi dealers, in her address during the ceremony, commented on the satisfaction of being part of the history of the German brand. “Our relationship is already consolidated. It is a trustworthy business both for customers, and for us, internally. And trust is the first step to a successful business,” he said.


Still in the inauguration of the headquarters, managed by Lúcio Osório, other cars were unveiled that combine luxury, speed and comfort – such as the R8 V10 coupé plus, RS 7 performance, RS Q3, RS 6 performance and the TTS Coupe.

Those present were able to meet each model and had the opportunity to drive a 286-horsepower Audi TTS with the company of a NASCAR driver using virtual reality glasses. The experience allowed the guests to feel the sensation of flying one of the most equipped and powerful vehicles of the desired market of the German mark.