Luxury oriental style


With a gross domestic product of more than 10 trillion dollars, as recorded last year, China is undoubtedly one of the most important economic powers of the current scenario.

And although this is not new, new studies and research prove that the pattern of Chinese acquisition has been changing over time and prove the strength of Eastern consumption in the world.

A report produced by China Luxury Advisors and Fung Global Retail & Technology recently disclosed that for this year the expenses of Chinese tourists around the world should be in the order of 264 billion euros. And if anyone thinks that number is already expressive, it is worth remembering that expectations raise this total to 351 billion in the year 2021.

Of course, this enormous potential of consumption makes the level of demand of the Chinese also rise. According to the report, “Most Chinese tourists expect services to improve their shopping experience. They want to find employees who speak their language, want to pay with Chinese credit cards, and benefit from tax reimbursement services on the spot.”

And it is precisely to meet this huge contingent of potential customers that luxury brands around the world need to adapt to this new reality. Diversification of products, care in receiving and, above all, the willingness to serve Chinese customers in their own language may be key strategies in the coming years.

For brands that already produce digital content, the report indicates that approximately 98% of Chinese tourists use smartphones during travel to communicate and also help with shopping. In other words, the social networks of the big brands, more than ever, must offer multicultural contents and that serve the most diverse public, regardless of their origin destination.