Luxury Chinese-style


The Chinese market attracts the attention of the most important brands in the world. The huge population combined with a culture that is renewed and open to new forms of consumption, turns the country into a major frontier for growth and development of the different types of services.

Of course, if the whole world realizes the huge potential of this market, the Chinese government also has that in mind and recently created a strategy that should increase the consumption of luxury brands within the country.

As in Brazil, the high standard products suffer taxation of many taxes, which leads to high values ​​for the end consumer. So many choose to hold their purchases during trips to foreign lands.

To try to reduce this problem, it has already begun the adoption of measures to the permanence of capital in China and recently was announced the launch of a network of stores to shop free style aimed at travelers and tourists returning from abroad.

The idea is that Chinese tourists come to the country and have the opportunity to buy products of the most important luxury brands in the world at competitive values. The design is bold and plans to open about 30 stores this profile to retain Chinese travelers to buy in their homeland.

Image: Internet.