Louis Vuitton leverage his customers experience through “LVTV”

Audiovisual communication has always been one of the most important ways to convey messages around the world. After the consolidation of social media and, in particular, the huge success of Youtube as a tool for content delivery, companies from all market segments invest in video production to win new customers.

In addition to gaining new consumers and fans, Louis Vuitton aims, with its new release, to further enhance the experience of its customers and get even closer to its customers around the world. It is the “LVTV” platform that will enable an even deeper insight into the French label through IGTV and Facebook.

Among the main objectives of “LVTV” is the production and placement of materials designed to enhance the consumer’s brand experience

The initiative aims to complement the diverse range of content produced by the brand. The idea is to produce more relaxed materials like the making off of the companions. In all, brand admirers will have five different categories of videos to enjoy: know-how, institution, friends from home, travel and campaigns.

The French brand strategy promotes an absolutely assertive dialogue with the contemporary luxury market audience. Consolidating itself as one of the leading players in the industry and marked by its widespread interest in digital technology, the millennial generation has been expanding its consumer power while simultaneously seeking even deeper connections with brands. To watch the new content just access the official address of LVTV.