Louis Vuitton presents in the store windows its version for the future

One of the most interesting attributes of the fashion and luxury segments is the ability to promote true time travel through the launch of products and collections that are inspired by the past. But, from time to time, brands take more risks and take their customers and admirers on a journey whose destiny is the future.

It is the case of Louis Vuitton that to celebrate the new collection Spring / Summer 2019 decided to present a version of the future through the action Postcards from the Future. Since the end of last month, the windows of some of the main French brand stores in cities like Paris, New York, Milan and Tokyo are exhibiting the technological action that through a video installation proposes a passage from the present to the future.

The digital windows had the artistic direction of Nicolas Ghesquière and were designed by the American artist Mike Beeple Winkelmann. “My main goal was to give an alternative view of the future, which is not the worst as we often see in science fiction films. While there is still a long way to go, I feel that humans are making progress toward a better future “Beeple said in an interview.