L’Oréal Paris officially presents its exclusive collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld

The repercussion in the main newspapers and magazines about Karl Lagerfeld’s death in February of that year had one thing in common: the realization that the German fashion designer ‘s legacy will remain alive for a long time in the fashion world. And it seems that this influence will not be limited to the fashion world alone.

This is evidenced by the new L’Oréal Paris collection produced in collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld and which recently had its first images released, although its official release is scheduled for September 27 to take place simultaneously with the Week of Paris. Paris fashion.

As Delphine Viguier, president of L’Oréal Paris global brand, pointed out, “all our collaborations with designers are an honor, but this one is particularly significant. While Karl has elevated the stage hierarchy to democratize fashion, L’Oréal Paris is committed to making beauty according to women’s own rules and desires. We look forward to sharing with the world the makeup born of this creative connection: Karl Lagerfeld’s rock chic and L’Oreal Paris’s vision of beauty”.