L’Oréal presents in 2018 the best sales result of the decade

The cosmetics and beauty segment is one of the most important within the luxury market and to prove this, recently the French brand L’Oréal released the information that in the third half of 2018, the company recorded the highest growth in the period by analyzing the last ten years.

The results were so positive that they even surpassed the expectations of the brand itself regarding world sales. The main highlight in terms of products was the luxury division and, geographically, China was among the emerging markets which contributed most to the good performance of the brand.

On the other hand, Western Europe was an area that was notable for the decrease in volume traded, with a decrease of approximately 1%. The US and Asian markets showed a slight increase. According to Jean-Paul Agon, CEO of the brand, the current situation of the United Kingdom with its exit from the European Union has affected the brand’s sales.

The reasons to celebrate, however, are many, since L’Oréal surpassed the total of 6.4 billion euros in the period between July 2017 and September 2018, increasing its turnover by more than 6%. Still according to Jean-Paul Agon, the brand intends to reach this year a new record in its billing, growing above the world market.

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