Lara Rocks presents unprecedented consulting focused on the weddings segment

Acting as a lawyer ten years ago, Lara Rocks did not believe much in the importance of relationships, and especially of marriages. But everything changed as she was asked to marry and decided to delve deeper into this totally unknown universe.

With dedication, study and commitment, Lara chose the perfect professionals for her big day and made the right decisions. Such choices were so evident that the wedding reverberated in an incredible way in Rio de Janeiro and several people began to seek their help, their advice and their tips. When he realized it, he was working on a double journey: with Law in the corporate world and with consulting events in the open hours.

With this consultancy, he discovered his true purpose in life: to impact lives, to help turn dreams into reality, to interpret desires, to create memories in an extraordinary and innovative way and to mark forever the memory of these people.

Visionary, Lara Rocks has developed an extraordinary method with a totally innovative concept. He became a specialist in Personal Bride, Events & Lifestyle, something never before seen in the market.

In the USA there are the so-called Professionals Bridesmaid, but their proposal is something different that does not compete or is confused with wedding ceremonies or event advisories, on the contrary, proposes something that will add up to reach the highest levels of satisfaction and achievement of its customers.

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