Karl Lagerfeld fashion award to be presented in september

For decades as one of the protagonists of the fashion world, Karl Lagerfled, who died last February, will have his legacy long remembered even in the seed in which he helped to root the roots of modernity. Proof of this will be the award given on September 4 for young designers named after the German designer.

The award was created by the luxury conglomerate LVMH that runs some of today’s most iconic fashion brands, including Fendi, a brand of which Lagerfeld has been creative director since 1965. There are eight finalists and the winner, In addition to earning a total of 150,000 euros, it will also be entitled to an orientation and specialization program in the fashion segment taught by professionals of the organization.

As announced by one of the honors, Delphine Arnault, the designer has been committed to the award “from day one, transporting us with his enthusiasm and energy. The Karl Lagerfeld Prize naturally perpetuates the closeness we have developed over the years and is a tribute to this man’s unique creative genius. ”