Kidnapping Mr. Heineken

Jogada de mestre

Imagine a group of friends who, after so many adventures together, decide to do something that will really change the lives of everyone. They want to quick enrich and how the idea of working honestly and honorably is not the main idea of any of them, the group prepares a foolproof plan: kidnap the owner of one of the largest breweries in the world and, of course, ask for many to release him and spend the rest of their lives spending the money from the millionaire. The theory of the idea seems good, but in practice it will show to be the worst nightmare that these friends have never dreamed to live.

Now stop imagining and get surprised to know that this story really happened. In 1982 a group of youngsters kidnaped Freddy Heineken, owner of the eponymous brewery, and asks for a 35 million bailout dollars. This incredible story won a film adaptation by Master Play movie, now showing in theaters.

The cast includes Anthony Hopkins in the role of the millionaire and Sam Worthington and Jim Sturgess as two of the friends who are part of the group of kidnappers. Although the cast delivered performances that portray with mastery the limit situation faced by the parties directly involved in the crime, the film never gets to take off. The psychological duel that occurs in captivity is undoubtedly the high point of production.

One aspect that adds to the suspense for the viewers is that few times the police action is shown during the investigation. As the kidnappers, the audience does not know whether law enforcement officials are far or close to arrest them. The atmosphere is electric, shame the direction does not take the film in a big way until the end.