Joalheira D’VIE stands out as a reference in the luxury market of Florianópolis

The boundaries of the Brazilian luxury market are becoming wider and wider. If, for some time, the Rio / São Paulo axis had the privilege of having the best brands and stores in the sector, nowadays, several cities in the country are becoming preferred destinations of the high standard sector and consolidating its position at the national level.

In Florianópolis, a city that has been systematically expanding its participation in the luxury market of the country, Joalheria D´VIE has been standing out as a reference in the segment. With over 20 years of experience and always aiming to help people show their love, and celebrate the achievements and moments of happiness, jewelry invests in design and innovation to delight and surprise its customers.

One of the aspects that highlight the exclusivity of the pieces made by D’VIE is that the entire process of elaboration and development of the jewels is carried out in Santa Catarina, with activities completely independent of the stores located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Over the years, it has enabled the emergence of a particular style of its own, thus promoting the creation of even more personalized pieces that precisely meet the wishes and desires of customers.

Autonomy in the management model also enables jewelers to participate and invest in events that strengthen local culture and way of life, benefiting important care entities. Highlights in this segment include sponsorship of the Regatta Volta a Ilha de Santa Catarina and support to AMUCC – Love and Union Against Cancer.

Besides having sustainability as a central feature of its work, through the use of pieces with certificate of origin and origin, D’VIE also invests in the exclusivity of design, translating in jewelry the style and personality of those who wear them. Among the raw materials used in the elaboration of true works of art stand out the 18 carat gold and the precious stones. Crafted by hand all parts seek the ultimate in finish and quality.

In addition to the wide variety of custom-made pieces, the jeweler also represents iconic brands in the world luxury market such as Tag Heuer, Montblanc and Tissot. For more information visit the official website of D´VIE.