Jimmy Choo launches exclusive boots with wearable technology

Although the term wearable is still not present every day in the main communication vehicles of the world, its definition is consolidated more and more as one of the main tendencies of the fashion segment. Broadly speaking, wearable encompasses the various concepts that unite the technologies to wear.

And for lovers of fashion innovations, there is also increasing number of luxury brands that create pieces and collections incorporating wearable elements. A recent case has happened with Jimmy Choo who has launched an exclusive line of boots that, after being heated, remain warm throughout the day.

Innovative footwear uses the shearling sheath as a base, which keeps the temperature comfortable regardless of weather conditions. The wearable technology is present in the palm that has its heating activated by an application. Temperatures vary between 25º and 45º degrees.

According to Sandra Choi, creative director of the brand, the launch represents “the first step towards an exciting new territory. The wearable technology is still in its infancy and our first concern in developing the Jimmy Choo Voyager was functionality. ” More details are accessible on the brand’s official website.