Japanese hotel offers “aeronautical experiences” to its guests

The tourist activity is a fertile territory for the creation of experiences that make the trips surprising and unforgettable. And within this sector, hospitality is one of the most promising areas in the development of innovations that expand the tourist potential of localities and make hotel rates much more exciting.

This is exactly the case of the Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu, a Japanese hotel that, apart from being characterized by the excellent hospitality and courtesy of its staff, still offers guests a unique differential: a full-size flight simulator. With the name of Superior Cockpit Room, the flight simulator of a Boeing 737-800 is installed in a suite and allows visitors to see pilots without leaving the hotel’s quartet.

One detail that makes the aircraft experience even more special is that the hotel is located close to the Haneda International Airport in Tokyo and the only one that features a flight simulator. The project cost more than $ 90,000 and has received extremely positive results from visitors. More information about Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu is available on the hotel’s official website.