Inclusion and timelessness mark the new Mon Âme exclusive collection

This Thursday, October 17, there is a meeting to break paradigms of the fashion world and who heads the event are the creators of the brand Mon Âme: Andrea Lemos Britto, Solange Tieko and Valeria Shiozuka that receive journalists and guests to present the news of the Conceptual designer at an event with pocket parade and launch cocktail.

 Prioritizing comfort and elegance, the brand’s clothes bring fluidity, asymmetrical cuts and differentiated modeling. Practicality is another highlight, the designer pieces are versatile and timeless while following fashion trends.

Colors, stripes, prints and overlays are the hallmarks of clothing that can be combined in many ways and used with different types of accessories to make up countless looks. The collection has clothes in viscolycra, linen and viscose to compose the wide modeling and accompany the woman. “Mon Âme works with high quality knitting that allows you to work with wide, asymmetrical shapes and overlaps in different sizes, giving you the option of being used both in the morning and at night,” explains Valéria Shiozuka.

 A fashion that goes far beyond the way the word has been used in our society. This is Mon Âme, an inclusive label that wants to change some concepts by engaging with the Body Positive movement that has grown in recent years to free people from their complexes and encourage them to accept their bodies as they are.

 “We think of fashion as a movement, in the literal sense of the word, clothing must fit the body elegantly, from 18 to 80 and G +; in addition to supplying the market’s lack of care for the ‘new age’ and people with disabilities, ”says Andrea Lemos Brito, one of Mon Âme’s partners. She adds that more than 90% of the pieces are made with elastic, without zipper and buttons, providing greater comfort, flexibility and ease in dressing people, as well as reducing the disposal of clothes by weight gain or loss.

Against the normal flow of the fashion world in which changes are fast and constant, the brand bets on timelessness and sustainability. “Our production builds on the concept of upcycling, which reinforces a worldwide trend of reuse of fabric waste. Monthly, we reverse factory waste by 400 kg per month,” explains Solange Tieko, also a partner of the brand. “We donate these fabrics to NGOs and underprivileged communities who recycle them to rugs, bags and quilts. Another portion is sold at symbolic prices to small business owners who shred and produce cleaning cloths”; also obeying the strictest precepts of slow production, in the careful choice of its suppliers and fair labor relations, besides adopting “FUR-FREE”, that is, for not using fur in its collections.

 Check out below exclusive images of the pieces of the new collection.