The importance of the creative process in the high-standard sector


Earlier this year, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced that next year, his company will take two people on a moon-bound tourist trip. Although the Musk company does not work with the luxury segment itself, the tourist / specialty travel has many of the elements that contextualize the premium sector today.

If the considerable amount to be disbursed is one of the most obvious features of the trip, the initiative proposes to travelers a truly unique and aggregating experience, which greatly defines the sector of the highest standard these days.

Musk’s exciting special adventure gives way to unlimited speculation about the future of the tourism industry and, consequently, many other segments. After all, it is no exaggeration to say that creativity has significantly expanded all market niches, and the luxury sector does not escape this rule.

From the ultra-modern planes that travel at record speed with comfort that refers to the most sophisticated hotels in the world, the technologies used in areas such as gastronomy that in addition to providing great experiences are still moving towards sustainability, innovations play an increasingly significant role Economic sectors.

The importance that innovations have in society is very large, just remember that until a few decades ago, the fax machine was a revolution in the forms of communication and today a smartphone has much more technology than anyone in the past years could imagine .

And speaking of smartphones, Apple, one of the leading technology companies in the world, has become one of the main contemporary references of the luxury sector, since its products are characterized by excellence, universality and originality, three consecrated attributes of High standard goods.

The famous German physicist Albert Einstein has defined in an inspired and absolutely brilliant way that creativity is a form of intelligence to have fun. Carrying the idea to the high-end market makes it easy to see how it’s current and accurate. It is worth adding a detail: if there is much recreation of the creators during the production of a novelty, there is still more fun of the public in the moment of experiencing it.