How Brazilian brands operate in the luxury market

From a conceptual point of view, especially taking into account the classic attributes linked to the luxury segment such as timelessness, tradition and university, it would be correct to think that Brazil does not have a genuinely national luxury brand.

I believe that the most correct is to think that there are many brands and companies created in the country that are very successful in the high standard segment, a success that transcends the borders of the country and increasingly conquers the international market.

A good example of this is the Havaianas brand. Through an excellent and innovative communication strategy, the traditional brand of sandals has raised the level of its products and currently, besides the most popular articles, also offers high value-added models. This change in product perception has caused sandals to abandon their utilitarian function and enter the sphere of desire of consumers.

Another Brazilian brand that has also been expanding its participation in consumers’ imaginary is the Cacau Show. The brand created by Ale Costa in the late 1980s is increasingly consolidated in the development of high quality products. Another aspect that reinforces the idea of ​​added value of Cacau Show products is the use of luxury personalities in their advertising campaigns. Chef Erick Jacquin, for example, was the poster boy for a campaign launched by the brand in 2017.

In the fashion market, a Brazilian brand that has already consolidated its space in the upscale segment is the brand of designer Martha Medeiros. Using handmade lace as a highlight in her creations, the designer pieces unite the Brazilian tradition with international standards of elegance and, in the words of the designer herself, are the “true luxury of Brazil”.

Entrepreneurship and creativity are common aspects of Brazilian companies and are also inherent characteristics of the main brands in the world. And by giving the market a green / yellow touch, national brands are increasingly successful within the luxury segment.