Hotel Raffles Istanbul offers multisensory dining experience to guests

Taking food to the next level, Raffles brings Turkey for the first time to The Magical World of Paco Roncero, an experience in which guests are taken on a delightful culinary journey, expertly curated by one of the leading representatives of Spanish avant-garde cuisine. : Chef Paco Roncero.

Above is chef Paco Roncero and, in the other images, highlights of the menu that will be served to guests of the Raffles Istanbul Hotel

Influenced by his travels around the world, Roncero is renowned for his creativity, sensitivity, curious mind and advanced culinary techniques, venturing beyond traditional cuisine to present gastronomy as a unique sensory experience. Raffles Istanbul guests and attendees will now have the opportunity to enjoy a unique interpretation of Roncero’s colorful epicurean journey with a unique and limited-edition dining experience at Rocca Restaurant.

“Gastronomic innovation and a commitment to bring the best of the world to our guests and visitors are the reasons why we are excited to welcome Chef Paco Roncero to introduce a unique and multi-sensory dining experience at Rocca Restaurant,” said Christian Hirt, General Manager of Raffles Istanbul. “Our Turkish clientele and visitors from around the world have never been offered such an experience.” For more information and reservations just visit