No Escape

Horas de desespero

Violence and insecurity are increasingly present in daily life, in the more developed and in the most miserable countries. No Escape draws these sensations to question to what extent it is able to come to keep the family alive in the midst of utter chaos. But far from addressing classic elements of horror cinema, like the zombies so fashionable today, the film is related to a much more common reality.

When an American executive, who is transferred by his company, arrives with his family to an Asian country, a political strike takes the street, from one moment to another, the hope of a better life turns into a battle for survival. Without understanding who is right or who is wrong, the American family knows that foreigners are favorite targets and thus have to fight to live.

While it is clear the patriotic tone that opens little room to explain the reasons that led to civil war and only focuses on the foreign victims, especially the Americans, the production has strongly inspired action scenes actually very well developed and beautifully filmed.

Owen Wilson and Lake Bell form the couple that will discover the meaning of words like fear and pain. The highlight of the cast, however, is the actor Pierce Brosnan who gives a secret agent and helps the family in his desperate flight.