Honda officially introduces its new electric vehicle model

Aiming to have 100% of its electrified car sales in Europe by the year 2025, Honda released the first official images of its new electric vehicle, the Honda e. The model will officially debut at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany, alongside the brand’s line of sports and electrified cars.

Developed with a focus on design simplicity and usability, the Honda will meet the needs of modern urban lifestyles through seamlessly integrated connected technologies and exceptional driving dynamics. The car stands out in profile for its smooth styling contours, enhanced by the door handles that provide a clean look. Inside, a state-of-the-art five-screen digital dashboard and connected infotainment system are incorporated into a modern passenger cabin with contemporary and subtle materials.

The largest area of ​​the Honda digital panel is occupied by two 12.3 inch touch screens. They act as the premier sources of entertainment, featuring a variety of connected applications and services that help the car integrate seamlessly with the owner’s modern urban lifestyle. As a result, the driver and passengers – whether driving, parked or charging – can enjoy the same connectivity and comfort.