High-end products drive pet revenue growth

Unsurprisingly, Brazilians are in love with their pets. A survey recently released by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) found that there are currently over 132 million pets living in the country’s homes and apartments.

And just as the amount of domestic animals is increasing in Brazil, the market for products for the segment has also been growing systematically. A study by the GS & Gouvêa de Souza Group, an expert in the analysis of the retail market in the country, found that next year the sector should earn approximately 20 billion reais.

In addition to the increasingly frequent launching of products aimed at dogs, cats and all kinds of domestic animals, high standard products and services have been consolidating as one of the main drivers for market growth.

Although the food segment is what attracts the most buyers, in the main cities of the country is already common to find day care centers, spas and even applications aimed at animal welfare. The good moment of the luxury pet market proves that having a “dog life” has never been so good.