Guerlain forecasts 60% growth from this year on the Brazilian market

In recent weeks, here at Terapia deluxe, we have published articles that show the good moment of the luxury market in the world. This reality is clear with the release of the results of some of the most significant brands in the sector, which showed extremely expressive growth rates compared to last year.

And, for Brazilians who appreciate the segment, the good news is that these good results are also beginning to be noticed in the domestic market. Guelrain, a French perfumery founded in the nineteenth century founded today and now part of the luxury brand conglomerate LVMH, according to data recently published in the country’s press, has been growing by 48% per year. Note that a considerable part of this amount comes from the fact that the brand is present at Sephora.

 “We have gained great relevance within Sephora and it remains fundamental to our business. But perfume is a category that has become increasingly competitive. We still have a lot of potential to be explored with the brand in Brazil and to increase our recognition we need to increase our distribution, ”said Jean David Sebaoun, Guerlain vice president for Latin America, in an interview with Isto É magazine.

And to win even more customers in the Brazilian beauty market, which is considered the third largest in the world, the perfumery plans aims to reach the number of 40 points of sale by next year, and Guerlain currently has 28 stores in full working.