Gucci returns to origins and will hold its next cruise parade in Rome

Gucci has been known in recent years as one of the most expressive luxury brands in the world. Successful sales while writing history with collections that dialogue directly with the new generations, the Italian brand stands out for balancing perfect history and innovation.

If the innovation is easy to perceive through the pieces full of daring, who wants to know a little more about the tradition of the brand created by Guccio Gucci already has a marked date to meet: May 28. It is on this day that Gucci will present its Cruise 2020 collection at the Capitoline Museums in Rome.

Enquanto grifes icônicas escolheram Nova York para sediar seus novos lançamentos, a Gucci optou por homenagear seu passado escolhendo Roma como a sua capital da moda

If the choice of Rome makes a clear tribute to the brand, the Italian capital also has a direct relationship with the designer Alessandro Michele who lived there part of his childhood. The idea of ​​the new collection is precisely to promote a dialogue without barriers with the Old World and to bring the values ​​and creativity of the old times to the present day.

While iconic brands like Prada and Louis Vuitton chose cosmopolitan New York to present their new collections, Gucci chose to make a real rescue of their past and go to their birth cradle to present the pieces that will surely succeed on the catwalks and out of them.