Grand Seiko’s new watch model pays tribute to Japanese cinema

Although not as popular as American cinema, the seventh art universe in Japan over the past few decades has created films and characters that have entered the history of world pop culture. One of these iconic creations, the monster Godzilla, this year completes the 65th anniversary of his big-screen debut.

And to honor that date, Grand Seiko has released a model inspired by the dark yet tragic figure of the Japanese monster. The watch is still part of the celebrations of Spring Drive’s 20th anniversary. The case is made of high intensity titanium and features an interesting design due to the short clips that are accompanied by a black ceramic bezel.

The watch’s dial is burgundy with a sunbeam pattern, which also mimics Godzilla’s atomic heat ray. The dark red shark skin bracelet is directly inspired by the tone and rough texture of the monster’s skin. According to the brand, the new watch has a limited edition of 650 pieces.