Generation Y leads Brazilian e-commerce focused on high-end segments

When the subject is directly related to the internet, whether it is the dissemination of content via social media or the continuous growth of virtual commerce, it tends to tend to associate events with the millennials, that is, the public of the so-called Generation Y that was born from the 1980s.

However, a survey recently released by Buy & Confie, a company that operates in the area of ​​market intelligence, confirmed that in the second half of this year, most of the purchases through e-commerce in the country had a customer between 25 and 39 years old, , in sociological studies, are called Generation Y.

Traditional segments of the luxury market such as fashion (at the top of the page) and the furniture sector (above) were some of the highlights of Brazilian e-commerce in the second quarter of this year

Approximately 49% of the total number of requests made during the period originated in the 30’s and the situation can be understood as a reflection of the Brazilian reality. “The macroeconomic scenario of unemployment for newly trained professionals, often without a credit limit, contributes so that the generation Z, of people born after 1995, have difficulty reaching the leading role in online shopping. It is a situation that should begin to change its shape from the warming of the economy and generation of jobs, “said André Dias, executive director of Buy & Confie, published in the Brazilian press.

The data revealed by the study also showed that a total of approximately 19 million purchases were made, resulting in a financial movement of 7.8 billion reais. The segments that make up the luxury market again were some of the main highlights among the preferred shopping sectors. Fashion and accessories, entertainment, furniture and decoration were some of the niche markets that garnered the highest number of orders.