Franck’s Ultra Coffee combines the flavor of distilled beverages with Brazilian coffee

Rum, cachaça and whiskey. Have you ever imagined mixing the taste of these so characteristic beverages with coffee? For the barista Marcelo Franck, founder of the brand Franck’s Ultra Coffee, thought and put into practice. Through the barrel aged technique, infusion of still-green beans into distillate barrels, he obtained the best sellers of his company, focused on the production of specialty coffees.

“We adopted a self-developed process, brewing in legitimate Bourbon Whiskey barrels, for a specific period of time, and performed various roasting profiles to get the best grain potential,” explains the brand’s barista Marcelo Franck.

The coffees matured in whiskey barrels gain complexity because they have more layers of tertiary aromas, called bouquet. The differential of this coffee is the notes of vanilla, which comes from vanillin, a substance obtained through the American oak used in the barrels of the drink, when the grains are still infused green. Other notes added before the coffee roasted are lactones, coconut, and eugenol, mature banana, among other aspects that refer to noble drinks.

The barista’s suggestion to make the most of the coffee flavor is to use brewing techniques such as Aeropress, Clever Dripper, Chemex, French Press or espresso. If it is to do in the espresso style, it is recommended to blend, that is, to mix, with less potent coffees until you find the ideal point for extraction. “There are a number of interesting methods that highlight the characteristics of coffee, but my favorites are infusion methods, such as the French press and Clever,” he said.

For those who want to try the delicacies, the Espresso Station, Franck’s Ultra Coffee concept store is located in the city of Curitiba (PR). On the other hand, lovers of specialty coffees that live outside the capital of Paraná can buy the products of the brand via e-commerce (, with delivery to all countries, or in coffee shops and partner emporiums. In the channel, the 250g package is marketed for $ 45. “Our products are available throughout Brazil. In addition to e-commerce, we offer our cafes to coffee shops and emporiums, “comments Marcelo. More information and online store at