Five luxury items far beyond common sense

When thinking about the luxury market, it is common to remember industry-standard products such as jewelry, bags, perfumes or even automobiles. However, there are a number of luxury items that escape much of common sense, such as surfboards. Check below a list of five unusual luxury goods.

01) Coaster

A prosaic and common item in any bar or restaurant, the coasters have been elevated to the luxury goods category by the French brand Louis Vuitton. The pieces were created in honor of a famous designer customer and can be packed in an appropriate leather case that bears the brand’s logo.

02) Stand Up Paddle Board

Chanel, with the intention of innovating, created a differentiated and luxurious stand up paddle board. The luxury sporting article brings all the centennial tradition of the brand and has the iconic logo on both the board and the oars.

03) Mouse Pad

An essential working tool in the modern world, the mouse pad has also leveled up and has become a high standard article. The Italian Gucci was one of the international brands that bet on the creation of the corporate piece.

04) Straw

Even straws have turned into high-end goods. Tiffany & Co. North American jewelry has created a special series of metal straws with an authentic touch of luxury: a unique detail created with the famous Tiffany Blue.

05) Roller Skating

Adult and children’s amusement skates have also become luxury goods. The Yves Saint Laurent brand launched a traditional and a special model in which the wheels were coupled with a luxurious women’s high-heeled shoe.