Five fundamental aspects when consolidating a collab

Chanel x Pharrell Capsule Collection

Although it cannot be considered exactly new, collabs have recently gained a significant dimension in the contemporary market. Some of the world’s leading brands have already invested in the idea that the prestige and charisma of personalities can add value to products.

If your company is looking for an ambassador or partner, check out five things that need to be considered before a collab is consolidated.

01) Brand and ambassador need to have connection

It is critical that partnerships happen between brands and personalities who share common interests. If the ambassador or partner is already a brand customer, the relationship becomes even closer and more assertive.

02) Value the content posted on social media

In an age characterized by the influence of social networks, it is common for personalities to have a large following. That’s why it’s critical to think of cross-platform content that reaches as many people as possible.

03) Collabs are excellent marketing opportunities.

A survey of the beauty industry reported that 38% of companies surveyed believed collaborations would be their biggest marketing opportunity this year.

04) Follow the big brands example

Luxury icons such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Tommy Hilfiger have already invested in collabs to leverage their collections. Find a partner who identifies with your project and move on.

05) Value and encourage new talent

Collabs can also manifest themselves in product creation and development, so get to know the professionals in your business and consolidate partnerships. The results will certainly be positive for both sides.