Loyalty as a growth strategy


Currently Brazilians are experiencing a period of great economic instability. But the good news is that market trend experts believe in the reversal of this picture from early 2017, albeit smoothly.

An indicative of this moment can be observed in the travel industry. Data from Abear – Brazilian Association of Airline Companies indicate that the demand for domestic flights accumulated, in September, 14 months of retraction.

If consumer priorities have changed, the retail sector has gradually gained more market share through customer loyalty. In 2015 the loyalty market reached 5 billion reais and according to Francisco Lobo, director of the company Cash Miles, specialized in the sector, the market has expanded. “The market data show that in the last year the number of registrations in the loyalty programs of the main administrators increased by 17.5%, that is, more than 74 million loyal customers, and more than 88% of the points accrued by them are From retail. Regarding the rescue, the issuance of air tickets still dominates the preference of the customers, but other products and services have also fallen in the taste of consumers. In the second quarter almost 30% of the points and miles were exchanged in the retail sector especially in basic items that help in the budget, explains the expert.

Another alternative on the rise among the loyal customers is the monetization of the benefit through specialized companies. Lobo explains that “values ​​are generally more attractive, especially if there is a significant accumulated balance. Often this option better meets the needs of the consumer than the rescue of products and services, since the payment is in cash, “he concludes.

The trend confirms one of the realities of today’s market: in times of economic downturn, customer loyalty is a true strategic for business success.