Fendi Mini Wonders in Shangai

Fendi Mini Wonders em Xangai

Fendi Mini Wonders in Shangai

The Fendi Mini Wonders exhibition marks the opening of the boutique Fendi at the mall Plaza 66 in Shanghai. The show lets you explore the Fendi world in miniature revealing the creative craft process involved in the manufacture of coats and iconic Fendi bags.

Although compressed into a mini scale replicas, it celebrates iconic creations of luxury Italian fashion house in the most impressive way. The Fendi team of craftsmen and workers replicated eight mini furs and ten mini-bags. Designed with intricate details, the miniatures elaborate an artistic process necessary to replicate the fewest resources with accuracy.

Between 100 and 350 hours were spent on each piece that went through traditional manufacturing techniques to achieve the result that the miniature required.

Until January 15, 2015 Shanghai expects you with open arms to visit the exhibition Fendi Mini Wonders.

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