Exclusive event marked the third edition of Patio Batel Fashion Walk

Last week, between April 4 and 5, the city of Curitiba again took on the role of protagonist of the Brazilian fashion segment with the realization of the Third Edition of the Pátio Batel Fashion Walk. In addition to once again contributing to democratization and the fashion debate in the country, the event had as a highlight the meetings and exclusive launches of collections that some brands promoted in parallel to the main fashion shows.


Among the side events, one of the most prestigious and charming was in the Emporio Armani store located in Pátio Batel. Accomplished through an exclusive partnership with Luxury Therapy, the event was attended by several guests from the south of the country. From Curitiba were present Iana Gizelle, Fátima Adami, Luciana Baggio. From the capital of Santa Catarina came Cristine Berger and Gil Belegante. From Porto Alegre were present Fernanda Nichelle, Marina Ciconet and from Gramado the guest was Rita Berti.

The exclusive parade presented to the select group of guests the latest launches and trends of the brand and also served to exchange information among all present.

After the parade, the guests were welcomed at the restaurant La Varenne, also located inside the Patio Batel Shopping. For lunch, the atmosphere was great and the delicious meal was accompanied by many conversations about the latest trends in Brazilian and world fashion.

Check out, below, the exclusive video of the event.