Event in Curitiba celebrates fashion trends

Highlighting the innovative DNA that is one of the trademarks of the Italian brand, the Emporio Armani FW1718 collection features sophisticated tailoring pieces that can be worn from day to night.

The collection that reinterprets classical shapes, colors and textures such as black and white, the silhouette of the 1920s and velvet, also highlights the main trends of the season as red, embroidery, glitter and deconstructed tailoring. All this, of course, without losing the characteristic of classic pieces that is a true Armani tradition.

Donata Meirelles, Manu Berger e Silvia Rogar

Donata Meirelles, Manu Berger e Silvia Rogar

All of these fashion trends were presented in Curitiba during an exclusive event held last Aug. 22 by Manu Berger, CEO of Luxury Therapy, and Emporio Armani. Among the participants were special guests from Santa Catarina, such as Cristine Berger, Gil Belegante and Hellen Macarini, and from the capital of Parana, Emmanuelle Bertoldi, Ana Claudia Michelin, Gisele Omairy, Chai Viante, Denise and Simone Maximiliano.

The event held at the brand’s store located at Pátio Batel Shopping was an ideal moment for those who came in contact with the launches of the Italian brand. Soon after the parade of the exclusive pieces, the guests were welcomed in the restaurant Alessandro & Frederico. After lunch, a talk about the new boutique collection with Donata Meireles and Silvia Rogar from Vogue took place.

Check out, below, the exclusive video of the event.

Crédito do vídeo: Júnior Nenê.