Event discusses the trends and relationships between the luxury and healthcare market

The healthcare segment is, without a doubt, one of the most important areas of everyday life and business. After all, when we need medical care, whether it is a consultation, an examination, or even a surgery, our desire is that the service be of excellence in all stages of the process.

This is just one of the aspects that unite the health and luxury segments. Incorporating concepts that are attributes directly linked to the high-end market such as hospitality and exceeding customer expectations, the health sector has attracted even foreign visitors seeking Brazil because of the high medical level and also the values ​​of competitive treatments in relation to international currencies.

Patrícia Quinan, Marketing & Hospitality Grupo The1, e Manu Berger, CEO do Terapia do Luxo, durante o evento “Tendências no mercado de luxo e de saúde”

To discuss this immense panorama that unites luxury to the medical area, was held in Goiânia the event Trends in the luxury and health market that counted on the presence of Manu Berger, CEO of Luxury Therapy, Patrícia Quinan, Marketing & Hospitality Group The1, Roberta Brum, CEO of Brum Reports and Viviane Melo of Lounge The 1 Architecture.

In addition to the highlight of the main trends and strategies linked to the luxury market, the event was discussed, among other issues, the increase of interest in Brazil in the tourism route linked to health. With world-class healthcare facilities and professional references, the industry has everything to consolidate in the country.

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