Event held in Paris pays tribute to the life and work of Karl Lagerfeld

February 19 of this year became an unforgettable date for the world fashion segment, as it was the day when German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld left his life to definitely enter the gallery of the eternal figures of the fashion world. The death of the stylist moved the world and, especially, it closed one cycle and initiated another inside Chanel, mark that Lagerfeld led by more than three decades.

And this last Thursday, June 20, should also be included in the memory of the world fashion segment due to the realization of a special action that celebrated the life and work of the stylist. The Karl For Ever event was staged by Fendi, Chanel and the label that takes the name of the designer and brought together some of Lagerfeld’s greatest passions: fashion, cinema, theater and art.

O evento “Karl For Ever” teve como cenário o renomado Grand Palais em Paris

Showbusiness first-rate stars such as singer Pharrel Williams and actresses Tilda Swinton and Cara Delevingne performed special and exciting homage to the stylist. In addition to highlighting the legacy left by Lagerfeld in the fashion segment, participants can still witness readings and display a document produced especially for the occasion.

Much more than stating the motifs that made the stylist a fashion icon or his immense contribution to the industry, the action had the real purpose of celebrating Karl Lagerfeld’s personality, using elements that were a part of his life and mainly were among his greatest passions, showing that the star of the stylist will still shine for a long time.