Europe is the main destination trend for luxury travel

Last Friday, May 3rd, we published here in Luxury Therapy a story that showed the growth of luxury tourism in the European continent through the significant increase of five-star hotels inaugurated in recent years. To give you an idea, in the UK alone, more than 1,200 new hotel establishments have started their activities in the last three years.

And new information proves that Europe is also the main destination trend for luxury travel. A survey released by Virtuoso that analyzed information of approximately 50 billion dollars in hotel reservations confirmed that European countries are the ones that present the highest demand of tourists of high standard.

Embora os Estados Unidos (imagem acima) ocupem a primeira posição no ranking, os países europeus, como a Itália (imagem no alto) dominam o “Top 10” dos destinos de luxo

Although the United States occupy the top position in the ranking, the top 10 of the luxury travel destinations has eight European nations, among them Italy, France, Greece and the United Kingdom itself. An interesting fact that also demonstrates the interest of the tourists in knowing new cultures and experiencing new experiences is that South Africa occupies the sixth position in the study.