Digital strategies in search of real customers

“We are working to expand our digital presence globally quickly, and attract the best talent to help us.” We need to reach out to consumers wherever they are, and that means having a growing online presence. to drive the growth of our company and iconic brand. “

The phrase above is from Patrice Louvet, who recently took over Ralph Lauren as Director General. Among the main challenges ahead is one of the most well-known and admired brands in the world of fashion and luxury is the drive of the digital strategy of the brand.

Since last year, Ralph Lauren has undergone a major restructuring and readjustment process aimed at preparing the brand for the future. Over the last few years, it has been common to monitor the news of this readjustment that the brand proposes and which included layoffs and store closures.

However, the movement started in 2017 seems to be consolidating and the expectations of the brand for this year is to grow using the online market as a strategic platform. And in order to achieve this goal, the label has hired, besides Patricia Louvet, other professionals with extensive experience and credibility.

With these actions, Ralph Lauren’s message to customers and consumers highlights that the brand is, in fact, doing everything in its power to broaden the dialogue with the public and, especially, to fit the new times in which social media can have as much influence as a fashion show.

The digital strategies that Ralph Lauren adopts in pursuit of real customers, to a lesser or greater degree, are also being developed by today’s leading brands. In a globalized world with digital technology assuming an increasingly important role in everyday life, adapting to that reality without a doubt is the most effective way to success.

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