Ermenegildo Zegna questions the concepts of masculinity in new campaign

Masculinity is not just a set of rules, it is a state of mind that takes on different meanings and includes many qualities, both expected and unannounced: courtesy, courtesy, patience, vulnerability, wisdom, eccentricity. What makes a man dignity and openness to accept and embrace the contradictions of life, to evolve day by day, to be honest with oneself, to infinitely change one’s perspective and attitudes.

In order to question the traditional concepts surrounding the subject, Ermenegildo Zegna launches a new campaign aimed at raising more questions than answers about what makes a man. The intention of the brand is to create a platform for discussion, eventually a little teasing. The Italian label, recognizing that it takes courage to express a new kind of masculinity, a masculinity that may be different from the idealized versions of masculinity that have been around for so long, shows respect for contemporary man and embraces an idea of ​​fluid, sensitive, and masculine masculinity. unambiguous.

To star in this delicate and assertive critique of the more traditional patterns and concepts of masculinity, the brand chose actor Mahershala Ali and multi-artist Nicholas Tse. With different backgrounds and personalities, the two quite credibly represent the image of modern man and his willingness to accept change as the force that shapes life. Check out one of the campaign videos below.