Interview: Neyde Marchi Zampronha and Claudia Lupo Medina


Impeccable service, excellence in presentation and taste and the cosmopolitan and diverse menu are some of the main highlights of Zam Gastronomy, which through modern and contemporary cuisine offers top quality services for the most diverse occasions such as engagements, weddings and events Corporations.

And ahead of all are the chefs Neyde Marchi Zampronha and Claudia Lupo Medina who have long experience in the high-gastronomy market. With a background in gastronomy, they have a course marked by courses and research in traditional schools in France and Italy. Addressing a variety of subjects from the incredible gastronomic universe, the duo of chefs granted this exclusive interview to the Therapy of Luxury.

Neyde, how did your passion for Gastronomy come about?

Since childhood I have always been greedy. This ends up arousing a curiosity for what is happening in the kitchen and you develop a notion. But it was only when I got married that I took over the kitchen of my house with the help of my dear grandmother, who gave me the basis for everything I know, and put the creativity to work. My husband worked in a multinational company and received many people at dinners and myself who prepared everything. Then came the children, the cakes, varied menu for the day to day. When I saw it, it had a buffet!

Claudia, how does your training in Paris influence the sweet dishes you create in ZAM?

The French gastronomy has the basis of all the classics. From these techniques, I have been improving my family income. Nowadays, we have an incredible variety of imported products and an excellent quality of national products. From there it’s a step for you to mix the classic with all of the news that we have nowadays.


How was the process of developing and creating the ZAM project?

It was not something much planned. The process was happening, it was growing and we were investing in modern equipment. Suddenly, we met in front of a big deal. Since what we like is the kitchen and the contact with customers, we hire a company that is structuring Zam Gastronomia, both in the marketing and computerization of the company.

What is the biggest differential offered by ZAM in its menu?

Our menu is well personalized, each customer is unique. We are always looking for new recipes, both in travel and in cookbooks kept for many years. We really like this mix of old and new. Traditional cuisine never loses its space and a bit of modernity always gives a buzz to the menus.

How do you see the gastronomic scene in Brazil today?

Wonderful! People are much more interested and demanding. With the importance of day-to-day learning with the new colleges and technical courses in gastronomy, a professional much more prepared for the work was born.


Do you take inspiration from the gastronomy of any particular country? If yes, what would it be and what details do you apply most in the ZAM menu?

We are very attentive to the Spanish gastronomy that, at the moment, is surprising us a lot. In addition to all the equipment and new techniques they use.

What are the most requested dishes in Engagements?

Engagement is a classic event with parents, grandparents and family. Generally, the menu is the most classic as well. Our most requested dish is still the codfish pudding with champagne sauce, which is now on sale in our smaller ” Zam in Home ” delivery menu for customers who want to receive a small number of guests or even for Give one up at the weekend lunch with the family at home.


What is your audience profile?

It is a very demanding public, who likes to eat well, has a taste bud and cares about the presentation of the dish.

For you, what is the importance of offering an exclusive and tailor-made service?

That’s all, is not it? Since we are working, we do well. Who does not love the kitchen and serve it well, it is better to choose another branch to act.

Do you think that gastronomy can also be a luxury therapy?

Yes, of course it is!