Between beautiful landscapes and good wines

According to data published by Wine Inteligence’s Brazil Landcapes 2017, the market of wine consumers in the country already exceeds 30 million. Between 2014 and 2016, the volume growth consumed by Brazilians also increased by more than 15% according to Ibravin – Brazilian Institute of Wine.

And from March, those who like to taste good wine and enjoy one of the most emblematic tourist destinations in Brazil can enjoy the Wine Cellar Falls, wine shop located inside the Belmond Hotel das Cataratas. The ambience proposition is to offer exclusive customer service, with wine specialists and a variety of labels.

Combining impeccable design and a wide range of wines, the venue will have a team of sommeliers to assist customers in choosing the perfect wine. The food and beverage manager at the hotel, Guilherme Reis, said that with the opening, customers will receive a discount on the bottle for consumption in the hotel. “The wine expert explains and understands the taste of the customer to suggest the best bottle for the occasion. It will explain what the tones, tastes and tones of the wine that the customer seeks, “says Guilherme.

In addition to attending guests, Wine Cellar will also attend groups, events, couples, wine events, cheese tasting and chocolates. One of the proposals of the space is to promote tastings in the cellar.

Wine Cellar will also help promote Brazilian wine among international customers. National labels were already being ordered by European and American guests. “We have many American and European tourists who do not know the Brazilian wines so the first suggestion is Brazilian wine. Or, in the background, South American wine, with the aim of promoting Brazilian wine to tourists, “summarizes Guilherme Reis.

The manager also emphasizes that the growth and quality of the Brazilian wineries are serving the palate of the guests. “The wineries are taking steps towards a positive evolution in the international market, this is our goal, to try to increasingly promote Brazilian wine in the international market and offer our guests, who come to Brazil want to know the local wine” concludes .