Emporio Armani launches two new fragrances to celebrate Valentine’s Day

On June 12 is celebrated Valentine’s Day, considered the most romantic date of the year. If the day that celebrates love is the perfect occasion to start or warm up a relationship, it is also a great opportunity for brands and labels to present products created especially for the moment.

In Love With You

This is exactly the case of Emporio Armani who has launched two new fragrances especially for the date when passion is celebrated. Named after In Love With You and Stronger With You Intensely, the perfumes give continuity to the web series created by the label and entitled Together Stonger that shows the romantic adventures of a couple.

Stronger With You Intensely

The design of the bottles depicts simple lines and shapes that give an air of elegant sensuality and the curves of the jars refer the masculine shoulders and the feminine silhouette. To complement the look, the new fragrances reveal more vivid colors, the feminine In Love With You arrives in a rosé champagne tone representing modernity and the masculine Stronger With You Intensely takes cognac color.

The three new episodes from the Together Stronger series are available on the YouTube channel. Both fragrances are exclusively contemporary and each one exudes intense and absolute love, reflecting a modern, natural and irresistible lifestyle. More information can be accessed in the brand Instagram.